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Original Post:
by: User333297 on Nov 05, 2014


To Stop Nightmares:

Lemon Verbena ( Lippia citriodora )

Place this herb in a pouch and place it under your pillow or place some in your pillowcase to hinder the dream process

Betony ( Betonica officinalis )

Place Betony in a pouch under your pillow while you sleep or inside your pillowcase to block nightmares.

Anise ( Pimpinella anisum )

Place herb in a pouch and hang it on your headboard. Also place some in your pillowcase and under your pillow to halt bad dreams and nightmares

Flax ( Linum usitatissimum ) mixed with Mustard ( Brassica spp. )

Mix a handful of flax with a handful of mustard together and place some seeds on your night stand. Place the rest in a pouch and lay it under your pillow or in your pillowcase