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Original Post:
by: User283371 on Apr 06, 2014

I've recently found out I am pregnant with my second child. I have been sick day in and day out hardly getting more than a few hours of sleep at a time. That being part of the reason I've been away from the site for so long. I've gone to the doctor and the best thing they can tell me is it's normal to feel like this and robot worry. Take a few tums and be on my way. So far it's been almost two months and nothing has changed. I have a good day every once in a while. My recent visit resulted in them telling me it's mostly in my head. So I'm looking for a home remedy for constant nausea and maybe something that's easy on my stomache that can help me keep some of my nutrients. Doctors have been no help and very biased against my choice of relgion and soon be raising another child. When filling out paper work I honestly stated my religion and soon after without any question they brought me papers on why adoption is a good idea. Can't even begin to say how outraged I was/am. Sorry for the rants but it's terrible dealing with people like that when I'm already in a horrible emotional and physical state!