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by: User201703 on Jan 29, 2014

Florida Water

Florida Water is a 19th century formula for a commercially prepared *'toilet water'. It blends an array offloral essential oils in a water-alcohol base. The name is said to be fabled after a "Fountain of Youth" said to be in Florida. Although Florida Water has water in it's name, it should be noted that it is an alcohol based cologne, unlike Willow Water, Orange Water or Rose Water, which is made from distilled water with added botanical fragrances. The only two current manufacturers for Florida Water are Lanman and Kemp ( Two Girls, but historically there were many manufacturers of Florida Water and there would be no true way to make it. A simple google search would supply you with an array of recipes. Florida Water hit the U.S, Markets in 1808, but is not a common toiletry or cologne anymore.

*'Toilet Water' are just weak perfumes, generally containing one to six ounces of essential oil per gallon of alcohol. However ten percent to twenty-five percent water is usually added according to the amount of essential oils contained therein. [From "The Ancient Book of Formulas by Lewis de Claremont.]

Uses of Florida Water

Florida Water has a variety of uses, mostly with spiritual work. It is used for many of the Vodou Loas, to cleanse altar spaces, cleanse the bodily temple and cleanse magickal tools and candles before use. In Hoodoo it would be used in the same way, to clean newly bought glass encased vigil candles, in ritual baths to clean the body and spirit, to clear temple space of unwanted energy or messes, and to use it to wipe down altar tables, magickal tools, doorways to temples and even in the wash when altar cloths are to be cleaned. In spiritual matter, Florida water can be used as a spiritual cleanser, added to a bath by itself or as part of a ritual bath recipe. It can also be used as an all-purpose altar offering. You can add a small amount to dish of water and place it on your altar as an offering to whichever spirits you work with.


*I apologize if I left out key things or if I gave misinformation, but I hope this was able to help you. I don't see Florida Water talked about much and I just bought myself a bottle and I didn't know the uses myself until I researched.