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Original Post:
by: MoonFury on Feb 14, 2021

The link-

Hi there. I read a bit on the Man in the Suit forum and someone talked about a link they'd found about this entity. The entity itself isn't what this thread's about though. I actually want to talk about something which I saw on that thread. Something about an astral city? I'm talking about the answer by Astral Traveler. Here it is-

Note:-The "#2" is something that another user said (flying and teleporting in the astral realm to avoid negative entities)

"I personally wouldn't urge others to do some of the things noted in #2. Particularly flying because in my experience flying can just attract even more negative attention since beings in most of these realms where you can and do encounter lower-vibrational beings don't fly around and if they do they only do it while invisible. In fact in some of these realms flying will get you harassed by the "astral police" and detained, it can be a sign that you're an astral projector and/or don't belong which in turn leads to more negative attention and harassment. Also in certain zones in these realms if you fly up a certain height there is often invisible very dark spirits waiting there for someone like us to try and break out of that zone into a higher one. In my experience most of the darkest beings I have encountered have been when flying in places in these lower-vibrational realms, and when flying in between realms in sort of astral buffering zones. Darker beings seem to wait in these zones invisible hoping for someone like us to fly past them so they can latch on and harass us. Beings that live in these realms know where it is safe to fly and where it is not, as astral projectors we can't even begin to know or sense that unfortunately and so we're basically flying blindly with no idea what may lurk ahead, behind, or above us.

So with that said in my personal opinion flying as a means of escaping should only be used as a last resort. Even in the astral cities of light flying or instant transportation such as teleportation in public is not allowed. Not because there is anything bad or wrong with it, but because not all the beings living there possess those abilities and they see it as unfair that some beings can do it and others cannot, it becomes a distraction and something to compare and build egos. I think what you suggested is sound advice my only disagreement is with the flying part as in my experience it has often created worse scenarios than what I was using it to deal with in the beginning."

1st Question:-Are some astral beings so low in terms of vibration that they can't fly or teleport like human beings? And if so, why are they so low vibrational? Is it because they're carrying so much negative energy it weighs them down and prevents them to fly or teleport?

2nd Question- What does it mean by "Astral cities of light" ?

3rd Question- What does he/she/they mean by "Astral Police"? If there's some sort of police force or anything resembling something like that in the Astral Realm, what kind of jobs do they have? What kind of criminals do they actually detain?

Also, not exactly part of my main question but what are some of the strangest and most mysterious/horrifying sights and you've seen in the astral realm?

Have you visited the astral realm of another world?