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Original Post:
by: WatchWalker on May 24, 2020

Hello there dear fellows,

There are rituals, that you can do for inside areas to protect and mask yourself(coming from ceremonial magick), make a witch jar to confuse the energy "scent", ask friendly entities for help, or try different energetic techniques to shoo the projector away or send the projection somewhere else, but to keep on doing it on the outside, can be bothersome at times. If it's a person you know, it might be difficult to mask your own energetic signature, knowing they can find pictures just to keep spying and following and whatever else.

So I'm curious about whether you know of any techniques, tools or rites, that you do to cast away unwanted projectors(meaning people). A guy on youtube called Corey said, that a field can be created to fend off unwanted projectors, that makes them re-think the deed, but I haven't found much about it yet.

I look forward to discussing this fascinating topic with you.

Take care and may your path take you, where you seek to be!