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Original Post:
by: unknownyu on May 04, 2019

Hello i began astral projecting about 3 months ago.
I came to the conclusion that when I created my astral form the source of it was coming from the center of my skull, so i began trying to channel that energy through my physical body about 2 and a half months ago.
The problem is when i do this it makes my skin flare up and swell kind of like an allergic reaction.
I tried to just work through the pain but after a week of this it only got worse.
I suspected that maybe it wasnt my energy, maybe it was just my diet so for the past month i have kept a very strict and consistent diet but i still get the flare ups.
They tend to happen instantly on what every part of my body im focusing the energy through.

I consider this energy to be chi and I thought chi was supposed to aid in healing or relieve pain but mine seems to kill my skin and hair cells.
I just dont understand.

Can someone help?