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Original Post:
by: fullmoon1012 on Oct 03, 2016

So last night I had two dreams. The first dream was very lucid, I could see clearly but I could not control anything. After I had that dream I did not dream till morning time again. I had a dream, of me with a man, somebody who looked a bit like my father or maybe just a random man, but we were saving baby turtles from a fire. We were ankle deep in water, (this was also very very lucid) and we had turtles in our hands. It looked like some kind of giant cave. As I was then standing ankle deep in the water, I was looking down at the water. Then everything started to go black. Then I sorta heard like "waves" like the kind of Binaural Beats. It then was sort of like static electricity. But everything was black except for a indigo spot and things that looked like fork lightning. I was still able to think, I could think in my head through this and all my dreams. After everything went black in my dream it felt as if I was floating. I dont know what this was. Was it just a lucid dream? Out of body experience? Maybe just nothing?