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Original Post:
by: Happychoco55 on Feb 04, 2015

I actually have a lot of questions about AP. I was thinking about astral projecting but I'm a bit afraid. But I have questions that may clear my head of things. Also there might be some newbie questions with obvious answers.

1. Are you able to see people that have died? Like in their spirit form?

2. If you able to see spirits on the astral plane, are you able to communicate with them? If so, how?

3. When I wake up would I have a clear memory of what happened on the astral plane?

4. How do I astral project?

5. How would I get out of the astral plane?

6. Am I able to interact with objects such as, doors, or other physical objects?

7. If I wanted to see someone while they were astral projecting would I be able to?

8. Does time move faster than usual while astral projecting?

Well if I have any more questions I'll ask them. Thanks for helping me out.