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Original Post:
by: Ph4nt0m on Jul 29, 2014

I have been practicing magick as a whole for about 10 or so years now..

At this point, I feel stagnant, and everything is coming back to my inability to Astral Project.

It is preventing me from fully perceiving spirits, preventing me from progressing any further.

I have tried EVERY method I have found! From Lucid Dreaming (another thing I have difficulty with, but have been able to do sporadically, just by awakening within a dream randomly)

I have trouble mainintaining focus when I'm trying to AP. My mind wanders quite quickly, and it's a little while before somethign clicks and I realize that I have lost focus.

I achieved the vibrational state only once in my life, and that was before I knew that the vibrational state is part of the AP process - so it scared me and after a while of intense vibration, I woke myself up. I have NEVER gotten that far again.

Now it seems, every time I try, it seems I'm trying too hard to keep my mind awake, and in the process my body doesn't relax enough. Or, I'm too relaxed, too loose, and I fall asleep.

The one time I achieved the vibrations, I simply just layed in bed, and let my mind wander, thinking that if I just let my mind wander while my body falls asleep, eventually I'll just come out of my body. Attempting this method again and again has yielded no results though!

I feel like I'm being PREVENTED from APing. I feel like I've lost the ability, or something! 6 years of failure is making me incredibly frustrated!