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Original Post:
by: Vipstaakki on Dec 03, 2013

I like thinking deeply and pondering a lot. Being alone in my own thoughts and relaxing.
This evening the feeling came more intense than before.
I was in my room. I was laying on my bed, relaxing after a work day. I was pondering about magick and what would i write into my research notes on my computer about today, about last night's new moon, about the spell for peaceful sleep i am trying to find.
I snapped out of my thoughts, when i felt a pulling sensation towards the roof. It freaked me out. It was like i was going to float out of my body. Sadly, i didn't float out of my body, i moved my head to the side to look at my computer to break the feeling, i was being hesitant.

Would this had led into astral projection if i had let it continue on its own?