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Original Post:
by: OpalineOwl on Sep 05, 2018

I thought it would be nice to share some songs I've collected over the years with you all, and of course, if you're not Wiccan and would like to listen, I welcome you to enjoy these splendid tunes! Enjoy my friends )O(

Albums of Damh The Bard:

Herne's Apprentice:

As Nature Intended:

Spirit of Albion:

The Cauldron Born:

The Hills They Are Hollow:


Antlered Crown and Standing Stone:

Tales from the Crow Man:

Lisa Thiel's Albums:

Circle of Seasons:

Lady of the Lake:

The Gaia Choir Album:

Who We Are:

Songs by Omnia:




Wolf Song:

The Raven:

Songs by Eivor:


Min Modir:

I Tokuni:

Irish Pagan Songs:


Beltane Border Morris Huntress:

Beltane Border Morris Tolmen Stone:

Singular Songs:

May the circle be open:

The Spiral Dance:

I hear you calling:

Goddess Chant v1:

Goddess Chant v2:

The Earth is my Mother:

Hecate Goddess of Witches:

The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water:

Hymn to Herne:

Ode to Autumn:

Yule song (we three witches) :

Compilation Video (Not all the songs listed above are in it!) :

Witchcraft Song Collection: