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Original Post:
by: User361344 on Mar 04, 2015

Merry Meet everyone, how are you this evening?

My question revolves around being Wiccan, and hiding. I have been told by a few witches that this is not okay to do, but why? I am 17, and have been learning about Witchcraft in general since I was 12. I have only discovered Wicca in late November of last year. When I was 13-14 my mom made it very clear to me that Witchcraft is a sin and won't be discussed again. My family is Christian. But, obviously, I still am learning and studying it. I believe I should be able to choose what my religion is, regardless if I'm not 18 yet. As for my question, I am wondering if hiding is alright to do. Personally I believe religion should be something that you practice or do, to be personal. So I don't feel the need to ever speak of it to anyone or involve others. Unless they are wiccans, witches, or open people like for say, my current boyfriend. I am not ashamed of my religion, nor will I be afraid to speak about my religion if it is asked. But in the mean time, or maybe forever. It is okay, to be in the Broom Closet?