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Original Post:
by: Yee on Nov 30, 2014

Now, I have chosen to convert to Wicca... Yet I am still very "noobish" on Wicca. Don't think in just diving into this blindly of course. I am going to study what I can before I even consider myself Wiccan... Yet I'll point out that I feel like the Wiccan religion is..... "Right" to me... Does that make sense? Well, yeah. I'll need some help across the way... Spells and such, and practicing the religion too maybe. The celebrations and beliefs are so amazing to me, and they feel like I am meant to follow them. Don't say I'm crazy or anything.... But that's all I can really explain. I don't think I'm going to necessarily tell my parents about myself becoming Wiccan... They'll use those stereotypes against me, even though they are as false as possible... But yeah.

Hopefully someone could be able to give me some tips along the way on my journey with this, and I'll be doing my research too!