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Original Post:
by: Mazyck on Nov 11, 2014

Hello, my name is Hunter and I am a girl from the US. I read the post about that must be considered before requesting a teacher and I feel as though i am ready to be taught in Wiccan and magick. I have been interested in the ways of the Wicca for two years and I fear that the information and spells found on the internet are unreliable. I feel that I am ready to commit to a mentor-apprentice relationship and I hope that I am capable of entirely embracing the ways of magick. I feel as though I have a very close connection with nature and I have great experience in loss and forgiveness and I feel that I can use magick as a way to relieve anger and stress that I have collected through the years. I, however, and not interested in learning only this kind of magick. I like the idea of practicing magic with wands, but I would like advice before I purchase or create a wand for myself. When I finally am able to approach this way of life, I want to do it right. Please, if you are willing to mentor me or have advice, reply and let me know what kind of magick you specialize in.