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by: User333297 on Oct 19, 2014


Imbolc reminds us that the spring is coming.This holiday is between winter solstice and spring equinox.Imbolc (in Wicca) is associated with the goddess Brighid.It's also seen as female's holiday.

Imbolc is a time full of energy related to the female divine. It's also a good time for divination. Imbolc is also seen like a time full of love magic.


Ostara is known as "Lady day" or "spring equinox".Is a time of regenerations and conceptions.


Beltane is a time full of fertility and fire and sexual energy.This holiday is celebrate with bonfires and dances. Beltane brings abundance in our life


Litha is the long day of the year.This holiday has a time of transition and planning.


lammas is a time for celebrate the first harvest of the year.Also it's a time when we can recognize that summer comes to an end.This holiday has traditional foods :apple,bread


Mabon is the autumn Equinox.In this time the day and the night are equals.It's a good time for honor the darkness.In Wicca is known that Goddess passes from mother to crone.


Samhain is the final harvest.In this time is good to talk with ancestors and departed loved.Samhain is known as "halloween"


Yule is known as winter solstice.It's also know as the longest night of the year or Solstice Night.It's a good time for planning of the future.Peace,love and harmony spells are good for this time.In Yule is also the rebirth of the sun.