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Original Post:
by: lizzy.96 on Oct 09, 2014

Hello all,im an eclectic wiccanan have been studying diffrent pagen faiths on and off for the past 6 years since I was 12 and because ive had such an interrupted study Ive pretty much stayed at the same level as I was on year 1/2, But now i really want to get serious about my path. I haven't reached out before for fear of seeming fluffy but ive read forms on here before and you all seem to be nice and understanding people.

My problem is many of my books on wicca are introductions (with alot of the same information) so I could gather a comprehensive grasp of the wicca and diffrent branchs within and they are wonderful but what im really after now is something a step up from beginners. I would really like to learn more and expand my knowledge past the initial stage.
Dose anybody have any recommendations for books or websites that could help me ? They would be much appreciated
Thankyou for your time