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Original Post:
by: ScemoBoy666 on May 13, 2014

Hello (: I am a 14 year old male just now joining the Wicca Religion. I am keeping my share of research and trying to have a better understanding of the term "witchcraft" but I have a few questions.
1. ~ Where should I start in The Wicca religion? (I heard that it takes years of practice to be adept at witchcraft, so I'm wanting to know where should I start or where you guys started)
2. ~ Do All The Spells On This Site Work?
3. How Do Summing Spells Work? Does The Character Just Appear In front Of You Like In The Movies or? (I've seen a spell for summing 26 angels to your aid but , idk if it's true or what?)
Please take the time to help me out with my questions as I wish to become an adept Witch One Day.