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Original Post:
by: StarSwimmer on Feb 26, 2014

I've always been wondering this myself.. What type of wiccan am I? I worship the goddess diana, and the god cernunnos. Diana is the goddess of the moon and magic, and cernunnos is the god of life, death, rebirth, and the sun. (I know that there is much more that they are gods and goddesses of, I just can't seem to remember them all at the moment.) I pray to them every day as best as I can and give praise to them. (Since I don't have an altar. :( ) And the type of magic and methods I specialize in is the art of healing magic and grounding. I believe that all nature is sacred, and should be treated as such. I have alot more that I have to learn. Just have to keep reading amd studying the craft diligently, and praise the gods for each day that i'm alive on this small blue marble. :)