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Original Post:
by: Nome on Feb 26, 2013

Hello. I was just curious about the average wiccan opinion on global warming. I thought it would make for a good discussion.

My opinion: I think it is a problem and something needs to be done desperately to reverse it before we have no planet left to worship.

I myself, have been looking into ways to help reverse it by supporting amazing inventions that I believe have the potential to accomplish reversing climate change caused by pollution.

One that I have found is a street lamp made with algae, it wa invented by a French man, so I have trouble finding too much information on it that I can understand, but here's a video about it:

But another invention that I have found, and I think this is a huge deal, Is a Catalytic converter for your existing gas or diesel powered cat that can release cleaner air than the car takes in. This means your car would act as an air filter.Here is some info I copied from their Facebook page:

InTheWorks, Inc., is a Research and Development Company that wants to do its part to help REVERSE THE EFFECTS OF pollution-induced CLIMATE CHANGE. We develop products that reduce up to 99% of the environmentally harmful emissions from internal combustion engines. In fact, in some cases, the air is cleaner coming from our tail-pipe than its surroundings! Our product is suitable for cars, boats, light aircraft, and gen-set applications. It also improves the power in your car, boat, etc. while also improving your mileage. On average, a 3% gain in performance along with up to a 10% improvement in mileage is noted. The final major factor is cost. Due to efficiency improvements of our housing design, we can reduce the total precious metal content (over original equipment installed) of our catalyst (platinum etc.) thus reducing the impact to the consumers bottom line. Our products are intended for the OEM and after-market industries.

Sources: ; ; @InTheWorks_Inc on Twitter

What do you think? would you support a company like this to help protect our beautiful planet, and help morther earth breathe easy? As far as I know they are looking for investors, I am thinking about investing, they are located near where I live (Western Washington) and I feel that this invention could change the world.