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Original Post:
by: NordStar on Mar 01, 2019

When applying to a coven please follow the process as set out by the coven.

Make sure to hit the 'apply to coven' button

Please be honest. We can figure out where you got most of you education in magic. If you can't be on regularly, say that. There is no shame in having a life.

If you are new to magic, or to the site in general, maybe put in some time before rushing to join a coven. No one really wants to have to hand out information to new members. The public forum has many great posts on topics to help you get started. Read them. Read some of the suggested books and posts. Go into chatter and talk to people. Get to know them, see what covens they are in, see what covens have members on line (you can do this by clicking on a name and reading the profile) and learn what draws you to this practice.

Remember, it can take days or weeks to get an answer. Coven leaders have other things they need to be doing. Some may even be looking for you in chatter or forum to see what you have to say, how you say it and how often you are on. Really, we are able to figure out a lot about you by watching you.

Don't bring up which coven you applied to in public forum or chatter. Some covens see this as an inability o keep things private. Most covens do not want their business aired in public.

Be courteous and polite.