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Original Post:
by: Dioskouri on Apr 23, 2016

After a period in which activity waned, the Broom Closet coven is pleases to announce that renovations and renewals have occurred and things are beginning to get back into motion once more.

As such, we felt it was time to extend an invitation to any members who wish to join a close-knit group involving many members of various paths who come together to support each other in our journeys whatever they may be.

We are opening the coven to any individuals who wish to participate as fully as they can in the many activities we have going on within the coven. Some of these include:

-Bi-weekly discussion threads which may turn into public posts after people have contributed their opinions- so that everyone has a voice and can share their own unique takes on a variety of topics.

-Book Club in which we read a book which is provided in electronic format for free and discuss the ideas presented in the book both in the forums and in coven chat.

-A variety of posts in which members share knowledge from their areas of expertise.

-A mentorship system in which new members who feel they want advice or need someone to talk to are paired up with experienced individuals from the relevant backgrounds.


To apply please mail the priest or priestess for an application form and ensure you have clicked the appropriate link on the coven main page to send a request to join.

Please answer the questions in full sentences and send a copy to both the priest and priestess who will review it themselves and if necessary ask the council members for their opinions.