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Original Post:
by: User338090 on Jan 05, 2015

As a council member of The Seven Doves, I would like to invite you to take part in our newly formed classes.

These "classes" are not designed to teach, but to give help, guidance, and advice to those who need it in certain areas of study. For now, our classes are limited as our members are limited. However, if you feel that you are knowledgeable enough in a certain area of study not listed below, you can mail and ask the High Priestess and Priest for further information.

The current paths of study we offer to give help on are as follows"

Wand workings

General Spell castings

Astral Projection



Remote Viewing

Energy manipulation

Spiritual creature workings


Crystal magic

How to use magical tools

Chakra advise information

Mediation experiences

Healing- various forms

Spiritual workings such as communication, association, bindings and banishing

Circle casting

The basics

Ritual workings

Healing (energy wise)



Third eye meditations

Dream interpretation information

Basics/General workings




We are an active Coven getting back on it's feet. We are not a coven about numbers, meaning we like to know each other personally and make it more family like.

If you would like to appy for our coven, please mail your applications to both the High Priestess and Priest.

Thank you.