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Original Post:
by: User263251 on Aug 21, 2014

Hello to everyone reading this!

I am the priest of "The Twisted Nether" coven and I am looking into rejuvenating the coven and making it more active place focusing on learning and teaching.

We are currently looking for new members, who will be active, to join the coven. If you are interested please red the rest of this post and our coven page, then send an application to both me and the priestess.

All applicants will be considered regardless of age, gender, or background. However, there are a few things which you must bear in mind.

We are looking for active members, not members who are just joining a coven because they are brand new to the site and wish to belong somewhere. As such it will help your case if you have been a member on this site for a while and have posted in the forums. I also allows us to better assess your character.

Whilst we will not automatically turn away younger applicants, we are interested in a high level of maturity, if you do not seem mature you will not be accepted. I personally would rather see members who are 16+, but of course, there area minority of young people who are knowledgeable and wish to increase that knowledge. Do not be turned away, you will be considered.

We are also looking for friendly members, not member who will jump down each other's throats, if you cannot get on well with others with different opinions than your own, then we are not the group for you.

Our members come from many walks of life and as such our spiritual disciplines are diverse, our opinions differ on other subjects. We therefore ask that members must be tolerant of other belief systems than their own.

Please check out our coven page for more information, also feel free to message me, the priestess, or a council member with any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you!