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Original Post:
by: S.Baron on Jan 04, 2019

Witch Talk is opening its doors to the public, occasionally we do this to keep up with the trends and here we can support each other, develop a network of peers, and just have fun with it. We allow anyones voice to be heard, we have a group chat, and its all on Facebook.

You can use this group to:

Start a debate
Ask questions
Share your challenges
Promote yourself!
Post Pictures and Articles

And most importantly support each other, be kind, be patient!

The group is led by witches who are all very kind and have years of experience in Magick, we act as a family and support system some of us are actual family. We do not tolerate bullying, debates are encouraged of course just do it the right way. Feel free to check out our group and hope to see you in chat.


Steven, Caer, Dani, Shawn, Nikole, & Karina!