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Original Post:
by: RosaleenXOX on Aug 06, 2018

If you want your story to be heard come to me. I'm talking about every supernatural experience. Even the far fetched ones. I want to hear about it. My friend and I have begun developing a YouTube channel called "Supernatural world Investigation Inc" which we will be sitting down in an interview with people that need help with supernatural stuff or with people that needs their story to be heard and perhaps connect the dots to whatever they are experiencing. You never know if others may be experiencing the same thing or looking for something. Well I am here to help. If you want to talk mail me and if interested I can invite you to the discord server we have for this purpose. These interviews would be via Skype or any other social media to talk to people. Identity can be remain hidden by choice and everything will be at a neutral stand point what is being said about it. No judgement will be made on our part.