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Original Post:
by: wiccanery on Jul 13, 2018

As stated in my profile, I run my own shop, which is An Gealach !

An Gealachmeans "The Moon" in Irish/Gaelic language; I chose that name because of the fascination I have with the moon and its energy.

What will you see in the store? Several different spreads for different things! I don't only read tarot, but also oracle and lenormand, and there's other divination methods coming soon too! In the future there'll also be other things such as witchy goods and notebooks :)

Also, as I own several decks, you can choose which one you'd like me to use in the checkout form message! You can see more information about this in the store's FAQ.

Follow us on instagram @angealach to stay up to date with news, new spreads, promotions and giveaways! Other links to other social media in the store's sidebar!