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Original Post:
by: BlackPrince8 on Mar 16, 2018

hi I'm black prince , ok... I am around southern Africa ... been on this site for years now ...

everytime I look for mentor I find one but end up having conflict , It must be these chains

what do I mean by chains .. I have been lurking for a long time now ... now like everytime I take on any path I start becoming more and more dangerous to my mentors .. lol ..

I am a victim of betrayal and being taken for advantage ... I'm sick and tired of that .. this time I open up myself up for anything ...

I just need a place to belong .. Magic is what I wish to learn and I am prepared to go very deep into the Occult ..

what do I mean by deep into Occult ... I am looking for a most loyal member to trust me and accept me as I am , and I , I don't ever go back , submit or be cowardly to my situation ..

subject :I'm interested in the Occult ,,, and looking forward to learning it with anybody with a requirement magic of any sort ..

currently don't follow Any religion , and I don't have a God ?!

I'm free to receive mail here on SOM .. related to the subject here .. I won't give anyone money to JOIN occult .. I'm here looking for a loan ... I'm not afraid to take on path and reach beyond ...

Thanks .. #! ..