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Original Post:
by: LostAlice on Sep 20, 2017

Hello I need private help and I do not know where to turn. I have always tried to be one with nature and live in the now and I practice magic once in a while for cleansing and positivity. I am going through a crisis with my love, he had an abusive childhood and abusive marriage. He feels unworthy of me and broken and is experiencing feelings of being trapped and panic. His ex still controls aspects of his life because they have 2 kids so she is a dagger in his side that twists often and it seems to be this time of year he has a struggle. I need help, I need an experienced witch who can help me with his negativity. He loves me and doesn't want to lose me but he wants to not burden me and feels he needs to runaway. I cannot afford to pay for services as well as you never know when it is a scam and so I felt I should reach out to this community and see if anyone can help. The kids just started calling me mom, their mom is a basket case and losing me I am sure would affect them greatly...this is not just a breakup and we can get back together later.. this is a burning of a bridge and cause of serious damage. I feel so helpless and staying positive and just trying to express support to him. Cleansing our home and making charms to ward of negative things isn't working. I am not strong enough or knowledgeable enough to cast anything.