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Original Post:
by: Evynne on Jan 11, 2017

I'm initially putting this in advertisement because I suppose it could be considered that; what I'm here for is to ask people to share lullabies! I want the beautiful, the charming, the dark, the ones that make you feel things - as long as it's a lullaby and you like it, feel free to link a video or post lyrics. I'm using lullabies as a theme in a personal piece of fictional writing and I'd like to hear what other people listen to.

To be honest, I'm also throwing in folk and modern songs that sound good for a lullaby. So far, I like these;

Lullaby of Woe (from The Witcher 3) by Marcin Pryzbytowicz

Lullaby by Adas

Lullaby (from Song of the Sea) by Nolwenn Leroy

Sleepsong by Rolf Lovland, Secret Garden

Varulven by Garmarna

Brun by Garmarna

Alfadans - a Faroese/Icelandic song (it sounds lullaby-ish when I sing it)

Trollabundin by Eivor Palsdottir (in a softer manner)

I Was Here by Beyonce

The Sound of Silence by Disturbed

Winter Rose by Karliene

Into the Woods by Cilla Jane

Music Box (from Silent Hill 2) by Erutan

Grey Warden by Raney Shockne

Once We Were by Raney Shockne

Enchanter by Raney Shockne

The Call by Miracle of Sound

Dorian by Agnes Obel