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Original Post:
by: pohsoon on Apr 20, 2016

hi,i was write on this forum because acually i ned help to find a lover ,this lover is special because she was from my sign,but the sign was disappear many years ago until smthing was happen because many of my friend was already got girlfriend/lover and got relationship,i am alex from melaka,malaysia and sorry for my lacking english. then now the lover was come again and i wish to find her because i really like her...i was got some information about her,she was a orphange which she dnt had any parents or slibings,she was born in 1994 and she was on malaysia,she like hello kitty and little childish.she was also love me too..i thin she was in melaka malaysia too,i wish can find her somewhere easy to be find and she also little smart.i was request this forum because i am fall in love wit her,plus this feel days her name always show up and also her hobi i wish the spellcaster will help me for free...and she was a chinese with buddha reglion too.she like playing like me so as i say childish love....thank you to all who willing to help.thank you.