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Original Post:
by: User400146 on Feb 27, 2016

Good evening to all!!
I have free time tonight, and I would love to crank out some readings tonight for practice for myself.
I will be working with my Tarot in Thyme, Moon Phases Oracle, and Womanrunes decks, as well as my runes. I will not be working with my Tarot deck tonight.
For inquiries, please message me the following:
In the subject line: Your First name & Method of Divination
Name: (Please, your REAL name)
Birthdate: (Again, REAL birthdate please)
Reading method: (Tarot in Thyme, Womanrunes...)
*Question you seek answers to:
*Please keep in mind that the more detailed you are with this response, the more accurate your reading results will be!

Blessings!! <3