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Original Post:
by: Rabbitwitch on Oct 17, 2015

Merry Meet Ye, fellow witches of Manila

Here in the Philippines, (A predominantly Catholic country) it is hard to find a good, magickal community where we can celebrate, laugh and learn together. And as a Filipino myself, I have longed for such magickal community. I am Lucas Ong, 13, I study in Xavier school and am a proud member of the LGBT community. I am looking for a high preistess and other possible members. Please message me to apply. I would prefer if you were Xavierian or ICAN, but whatever school you go to is fine.

-Must be at least 11 years old
-Must be no older than 17
-Must pass a test that I will give
-Must have proof thast they are indeed Filipno.
-Must meet with me in real life.

Blessed be, and happy Samhain.