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Original Post:
by: MagicSam on Sep 05, 2015

Ok, so here's what's happening. There is this guy that I really really like (honestly in my opinion he is absolutely perfect) but he has a girlfriend. She's a year older than him and lives in a different town so I can't help but think her a bit if a cradle snatcher despite it not really being so, but that's not the point. The point is that I really like him but he doesn't like me back, my sister gets my hopes up saying that she saw him look at me but I know that he wasn't looking at me the way I want. I've tried so many spells myself but none of them are working. This is a lot to ask but can someone please cast a love spell to make him love me and dump her? I'd be so grateful, you have no idea. I'd owe you so much! I know that it's wrong to tamper with something that is real, if they really do love each other, but I'm so stuck on him. My infatuation is driving me crazy, crazier knowing that it's not reciprocated. I remember the last time that I saw him I was in first grade, I was angry that he knew how to tie his shoelaces and I didn't. I'm babbling... Sorry. Just please, someone that knows how to cast spells, please make my biggest dreams come true and make him love me back?