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Original Post:
by: OwlishAelinn on May 12, 2015

I think we member get a lot of questions about wanting to be "taught magic."

Here's the deal.

If you are interested in magic, pick up some books. Amazon has some great things, cheap!, that you can pick up for your Kindle or just in paperback copy. Or, just try the spells that are free on this site!

Start slowly, on your own. Nothing teaches better than experience. Here's my assignment to newbies: perform ONE EASY spell, and wait three days. Do not worry about this site in those three days, or what your darn answer will be. Just let your spell "sit and cook"!

If, in three days, you still have zero clue, GO BACK and try again!!! Try until you get somewhere....and believe me, you will. If you focus your energy on your words, it will do something that you WILL feel.

A word of caution: while I won't tell you something is "impossible" please understand that these "transformation into vampire/werewolf/flying ether monkey" spells are just silly and will not work, because you cannot transform your human DNA into that of another creature (mythical or not). Science still rules, people. Your practice spell should be something under the "Healing" or "Truth" spells page on this site. That will get you going.

Good luck to all of you!