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Original Post:
by: Leanea on Mar 07, 2015

Hello all,
I have recently decided to get into demonology, however, I know this is a dangerous field of practice and I would like a teacher to guide me and train me before I venture out on my own.

The last two months-ish, in every dream, not just my spiritual one, I have been feeling a dark, heavy, hot mass around me. It's thick, and I wake up still feeling it before it fades away. It takes at least till noon and the sun is high. The last few days, I have been formulating an answer: to me, it is a calling to study demonology.

I would like a highly experienced practitioner, because I want to know as much as I can. I would prefer if they have a Skype, but at least an email is okay. Male, female, or other is fine! In general I just would like a serious mentor.

Please, feel free to message me if you are interested.