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Original Post:
by: Sundrops on Mar 19, 2014

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in forming a book club of sorts on here. Each week the members would read a set number of pages/chapters from one and then discuss it. I know some people might be worried about it costing a lot so it'd mainly focus on books which could be found free online. There are hundreds so I'm sure if there was a subject you're interested in we could find it.

As for what books it would be, we'd discuss what topic we felt like covering that month and choose from there. It might be a book about the basics of Wicca or to complex Enochian squares. The field is wide open.

I just wanted to toss this out to see if anyone was interested at all. This might sound too armchair to some people and that's okay. Also I'm not sure if we could discuss it here on the forum or if it'd need to be somewhere else. Maybe a secret group on Facebook? But before I get twelve steps ahead of myself, I wanted to see if anyone else was interested. I think it'd give me for sure some good motivation to finish a few books I have laying around.