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Original Post:
by: AdaezeAnane on Jan 30, 2022

I placed the Celtic knot amulet on my door and one on my neck. It was a spell to find my soul mate but it is no longer on my door like someone stole it to make my spell work on them and not my soul mate. Should I just but another Celtic knot and put the other one around my neck? Just buy it again and re wear it. I think my soul mate is Tom Hiddleston because black men pretend to be the actor who is Loki Laufeyson. They keep pretending to be Loki Laufeyson, why him of all people, it was just him for 2 years, men pretending to be him. If those black men are my soul mate why don't they use there real names instead of a white man's name. If my mom knew they where doing that she would call them ugly and tell them to leave me alone. My mother does not Luke black people or men. And neither do I, they are really creepy.