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Original Post:
by: User618210 on Aug 16, 2021

Casket Box Workings

A casket box spell is used to put something to rest. Whether it be an illness, relationship, or negative energy.

Each of these intentions is done in different ways, which I will explain.


A small box, pill boxes or boxes for rosary beads are great to use.

Items of personal connection to a target, or situation.


A small box will be filled with items which remind you of the person you'd like to cast out. This box could then be sent out in a river, brought away from you.

Negative Energy

To keep negative energy at bay you may wish to fill a small box with hematite chips or beads. You would then call negative or unwanted energy into the box with a bell intended only to be used for this purpose. The box is not to be opened.

An Illness

Into the box you will imagine a box filled with that which bothers you. As you do this you will spit into the box, or fill it with nail clippings. It is then closed and sent down a river. Another method is to leave it somewhere to be found if you are intending to use it as a hex as well.