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Original Post:
by: Blacktree on Feb 24, 2018

Hi, is any of you ever been in touch with books of Lewis De Claremont?

I have one called Ancient book of Magic" in which he describe how to invoke spirits and angels in physical realm, the thing is i CANNOT find a copy of the whole book, and someone rip off most important part of the book bcs the list of :"Incense, oil, and Candle is ripped of and missing..
Online copies of the book are the same, and there is no key list which is needed to perform invocation...
He mentions in the beginning of the book that the :"List" is being provided with adequate color candle's, Incense and oil but i went trough and there is no list like that, at the end of the book its coded and for example it says for Angel Raphael use :"Candle #3 Incense #8 Oil#12 and other numbers are for other Spirits or angels, but there is nowhere explanation what those numbers mean :((((((

I already went through his other books and did not find anything :/

Can anyone help me? ??