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Original Post:
by: AuroraWind on Jan 30, 2017

Hi, everyone!

There's been quite a number of videos on Book of Shadows, Magic, Spells, Grimoires, Picatrixes, and/or etc. but I am quite curious as to some ways others have customized their own. I'm currently just writing notes on what spells and information I find interesting and useful in terms of the Craft so when I do find a nice book to become my spell book I can pick and choose from my notes. I am also wondering how fancy people have made their own spell books. Should you separate these spellbooks into potions, crystal magic, and the like? Tips like that.

I also want to recommend a book for crafting your own book, and for those who made their own books if there's any tips for binding and the like. I am also wondering what are the pros and cons to making your own book from scratch magic wise and such.

Book Craft: Techniques for Binding, Folding, and Decorating to create books and more
By Heather Weston