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Original Post:
by: Adzos on Dec 22, 2015

I know all that "Hollywood" style magic isn't real or possible, so this is something that I don't think would be too far of a stretch, but I still wouldn't have a clue how to do it.

Here we go, I have tried looking at starting magic, like meditating and chakra stuff and even auras, but even if people try to explain it, I just don't get it. Would I be able to do a simple, easy enchantment on an item that allows me to cast spells through it easier? I know it sounds like something to make me more powerful, because it is, but only so I can do magic in the first place.

P.s if you could also give me the specifics on the limits of enchanting that would be good, just so I know what's real or not.

Thanks :)