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Original Post:
by: CalypsoSkies on Feb 10, 2015

Over the last several days I have been scanning this site and I must say that there is a great amount of information here!
In January of 2013 I dedicated the rest of my life to seeking the Divine Feminine, my Deities of choice are Gaia, Sophia, and Hecate. I have for several years been listening to channeled messages.
To me it seems like there is a very strong connection between the law of attraction, affirmations, and magick; at this stage in my learning I am not trying to cast spells although I have penned a few affirmations for abundance, peace of mind, and passion for work; I don't know if these would be concidered spells or not.
Anyway, I will continue to scour the website, update my profile and keep active in the forums and chatter (forums first), and once I feel ready I will apply to join one of half a dozen covens that appeal to my knowledge base.
Blessed Be.