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Original Post:
by: User297979 on Apr 14, 2014

Some people might know as the Ginkgo Tree to be extinct, or not as common as it was so long ago. When I travlled to eastern Europe I came across it. Ginkgo isn't commonly found in the United states or really anywhere on the North or South American Continent, well to my knowledge. It is primarily found in Asia or Europe, even Africa if you knew where to look.

Most Monks and even Shamans used this plant in foods or remedies. It does appear as a prehistoric plant, which suggests it lives a few thousand years at the most. I've found several uses for it. When I did visit China, I used it's nuts in Chinese Cuisines, I had no medical use for it, to me it's uses medically were too complex.

Gikgo Uses

The nuts can be converted in to flavorable teas

They've also been famous for "chawanmushi,"which is a very old and simple Japaneese dish.

Ginkgo also has known uses involving antioxidants

I'd reccomend if you ever come in contact withthe Ginkgo plant to only use it for tea ((and I forgot to mention, can ease headaches, and blood flow.)) If you plan to use it for any other advanced medical purposes, see a local doctor or someone like that. though for the most part it's a very reliable, rare plant. I love sharing something new, thanks for reading. I will also post a video showing it's uses in cooking and tea.