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Original Post:
by: mandywish on Feb 21, 2011

My mom went out with a gf from work. They had pizza and a beer or two than took food to husband. While there it was decided that my mom , friend and friend's hubby go to see a friend of theirs that my mom never met, but was told " we will have fun ..she has a hottub and all..!"

So they get there and make drinks. (At this point my mom said she had 4 drinks). The new 'friend' and friend are at table talking. Conversation turns to my mom's mother who was laid to rest earlier this morning in a catholic ceremony. At this time she see friend saying "we have to go right now" but she is not moving.. than again "we have to go right now". Than my mom said she was in a dark, dark(both kinds of dark) place she saw many people in robes and hears moaning. (I didn't ask but I thnk it was chanting) She came too.... hearing someone say " your mouth will be very dry" She THINKS this a happened in a 10 min. period but can't be sure. She find herself on floor of kitchen with a very dry mouth and her friend and hubby seemed scared and in a big hurry to leave. Friend didn't want to talk agout incident. She kept saying " I don't know how she does what she does" and than that "if I knew she was going to do something to you I would have never brought you"

I am concerned also as my mom lost an earring while their and I am sure a personal effect is something you don't want someone who pratices black magic to have.

I would also like to add that my mom knows only what tv and movies tells her on these kinds of things..though she is sensitive to spirits and has seen and felt many ghosts/ spirits and what she calls shadow people in her life.

Thanks for any interest in the message