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Using my blood in spells?
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For this upcoming full moon, I have decided to cast a spell for “emotional healing”. Basically during the past few months I have went through a lot. I have gotten therapy but I still need that extra boost. I need to emotionally heal to be able to graduate university this year...

My question is, will using blood give the spell a negative effect, since it can be associated with pain? I thought to use blood to just give the spell that extra power.

I was thinking of writing my wish(to heal) on a piece of paper, paint it with my blood and sprinkle ground dried lavender on it then burn the paper with a candle flame. The colour of the candle would be relevant to my wish.

Thank you for your time!
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Re: Using my blood in spells?
By: / Beginner
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Firstly you'd want to be careful and safe with how you do this.

Since you will be painting paper I suggest using a small piece and perhaps a simple pin prick to finger.

I feel it is important that if you undertake this you do so safely.

You also may wish to consider if it is even necessary. While I realize the reason you wish to do this is to give the spell more power, are there not other ways of doing this that work just as well? There are, but I digress.

That said as for negative connotations going into your spellwork keep your intent clear and as pure to purpose as possible.

Again if you are associating the working with pain, naturally your mind is coming to that conclusion.

If you are connecting such correspondences in mind, perhaps this is not the best way to go about your working.

Personally the only time I use blood in magical practice is when I am fashioning a tool and I accidently draw blood from this type of hand work. Then I will add a little blood to my tool and promptly try and stop the bleeding.

A signifier that I should be more careful. I don't tend to intentfully use blood for my own reasons.

My main being I don't particularly find it necessary for me. I can have successful magic practice without its use.

All that aside please be safe, and consider if this is even a necessary undertaking for you.

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