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Super Blood Wolf Moon
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Hi Folks! I haven't been on in a while. Tonight I thought about a super blood wolf moon spell. Well, ordinarily a full moon would draw something to you, and a super full moon would do it even more strongly. But it will be an eclipse. Therefore, I suggest this spell:

Think of something negative that has been in your life. This could be anger towards you, sharp words against you, or even some kind of punishment. We want to banish that Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Take a black, unscented candle and anoint it with moon oil. The black color, of course, is used for banishing. That's all you will need, in addition to something to inscribe the candle with, paper, and something to write on it with.

-Black unscented candle
-Moon oil
-An athame
-Parchment paper, or any kind of paper light colored enough for you to see what you are writing.
-A quill and ink, or a pen if you do not have and/or cannot get these things.

Take the black candle and inscribe it with the Latin word, "Irritus." It means void. This is a word for banishing. You want the negativity to become void, a nothing.

Anoint it with moon oil.

As the moon rises in the sky, meditate.

When the eclipse begins, light the candle.

When the moon is half covered by the shadow of the earth, chant three times: (State your intention), I banish you into nothing." and then say, "So mote it be."
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