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Spell to cure depression?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Spell to cure depression?
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Spell to cure depression?
Post # 1
Hello, guys and gals!!!
I know this site has many healing spells but I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of healing spell for depression, anxiety and ADHD. Medications, therapy have been completely useless. Also, other spell casters have been unsuccessful in helping me, so I guess basic spells won't work. I was also wondering if there's effective spell to see if I'm cursed?
Thank you, any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 2
You could try mediating first and then if that doesn't work you should try a honey jar spell
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Depression cannot just be made to go away. Coping with it, reducing its impact on your life, understanding how it affects you and how to deal with it in the moment: All of these things are processes which take time and effort.

Part of the issue with people who take medication and go to therapy sessions is that so many (and I am not saying you do, but I have been there myself, and have seen plenty of others as well) hope that therapy will fix them, that medication will just make it stop. Often it won't. As for depression medicines, there are plenty which cause other emotional side effects that people have a hard time dealing with, including increased suicidal tendencies, something many who experience chronic depression wish to stop experiencing.

That said, I am by no means trying to down-play the importance of actual professional help. Nothing in my post should be taken as medical advice, prescription, or be considered in lieu of consulting a trained, practiced, competent professional in any appropriate field.

Meditation is an invaluable resource for dealing with depression and ADHD. To start, it trains the mind to concentrate. It also trains the brain, the more it is practiced, to calm down. It can make a person more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and more. Some types of meditation teach a person to live in the moment rather than the endless train of thoughts about the past, the speculative future, and unrelated tangents. It is not easy to meditate at first, so short sessions are a good place to start. Start by focusing on your breath for a few minutes. Breath control is another very important method of mood control. The four-fold breath is a common starting point: Inhale through the nose if possible for a count of four. Hold passively (don't shut off your nose and pinch your mouth shut; simply do not exhale) for a count of four, exhale through the mouth for a count of four, and hold the empty lungs for a count of four. The three-seven-nine pattern is also a good practice. Directing the mind to a purpose helps especially at the beginning.

Mantras may or may not be helpful; These vary considerably from person to person. Avoid negative words, as the subconscious mind -- the part which makes this whole process work -- does not process negatives the same way the conscious mind does. "I will not have depressing thoughts," does not work as well as, "My thoughts are positive," just for an overly simple example.

Some other important things are physical activity and sunlight. Both of these help release endorphins, give a sense of accomplishment, change the environment, help the body synthesize some important vitamins, and more.

Supplements can help, but I would advise consulting your doctor, as there may be interactions with medicines.

The list goes ever on.

Magic -- change in accordance with will -- is a process, a practice, and does accomplish some major change.
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 4
Thanks all for the answers. I received some great information but unfortunately, I have tried many of those methods before without much success. I think depression comes from my failures in life. I mean, I always had bad luck in school, in personal life, money, health and everything else. I don't have any friends and I never had a girlfriend. When I tried meeting new people, at first they were kind of attracted to me. Just to be repulsed by me later on. I never discuss my issues, depression or general negative talk around people.
I have/had grandmother on father's side that hated my mother so much that she said, she will never let my mother give birth successfully. That child was of course me. Later that evil witch-grandma would put burned candles in my mother's clothes and other stuff. Soon my mother divorced my dad since he would only listen to his mom. So, I do think there's powerful and old curse both on me and on my mom. We both always had bad luck. Even some random strangers would approach my mom and said things like, you have so much negative/dark energy surrounding you.
I'm just not sure how to definitely tell if there's a curse on me and how to remove it.
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 5
as prsona said, you cant just cure depression, but you can use spelss to make it easier to help it go away. i personally like lemon balm tea with honey. because lemon balm has attributes that promote happiness as does honey, i'd just imagine a bright warm glow coming from the tea as you drink it.
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 6
excuse my typos and grammatical errors.
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 7

I know it's been said but I'll repeat it again, no spell can cure depression. Depression is a real illness, just because it's a mental illness doesn't mean that it is less real than another. Just like you can't instantly cure an injury with spells.

Magic and spells can definetly help improve your situation, it's up to you how you do it though because everyone is different. Magic as well as other things can help relieve the symptoms of depression, but you have to go to the root of your problems and try to solve them which, probably won't be easy or be instant. Maybe even try some spells to attract friends into your life.

You mentioned that you don't discuss your issues, but I really suggest that you find someone you can with, maybe even a proffessional. You might find that a lot of therapy involves concepts that you see witches use, like meditation, cleansing, etc. You really don't know until you try.

You might have had faliures in life but you have the rest of your life ahead of you to heal from them, and to improve. Just because you've tried some things and they didn't work doesn't mean you should stop using them, keep trying until you find something that makes sense. A lot of the things suggested aren't meant to fix all of your problems but give you the steps to begin to solve them, and this is coming from someone who actually does have diagnosed depression haha, healing is a proccess and different for everyone.

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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 8
When you are experiencing the effects of anxiety and depression, life seems as though it is moving in slow motion and you are inside watching it all go by. When someone gets to the point of being unable to function in their normal everyday activities, it is time for anxiety depression treatment. The side effects of anxiety and depression can be scary for those who have to endure it. In depression, the term day dreaming takes on a whole new meaning. A person's ability to concentrate becomes next to none during severe depression and could be costly if that person is driving or operating heavy machinery. One can natural ways like trying therapists, counselors, etc. or can consult a psychic like [Voyante Sérieuse] (http://www.martine-voyance.com/qui-suis-je/) if left with no option. Psychics also help people come out of problems of depression, stress, anxiety, fear of loving again, betrayal, etc.
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 9
I learned a quick way to focus your mind on the positive. Instead of using that small voice in your head (the one you use to give yourself feedback when you're thing) to criticize yourself in a negative way, tell yourself the opposite, if you catch yourself being negative, finish that thought in a positive way, for example: "I'm not good at anything...I'm great at everything!" or "I'm not in a good mood today...I'm in a great mood!". Slowly but surely you should start seeing the results within the week. It also helps to eat healthier, everyone's chemistry is different when it comes to your moods
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Re: Spell to cure depression?
Post # 10
Try ASMR YouTube videos, videogames, making plans for the future, and that other thing.
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