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Spell with photography
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Spell with photography to tie the man to get involved with you

This ritual should be performed in the crescent moon phase, be it 3 days before the full moon, for 3 consecutive days.

First get the following material:
- 1 box of black color, heart-shaped, used in the same box the 3 consecutive days;
- red rose petals. Have enough for the three days;
- 3 red candles, all 9, 3 for each of the three days;
- 3 chopsticks of rose incense for each of the three days = Total 9;
- 1 photo of the person you want, which will use the same in the three days.


1 - Repeat this call without stopping while assembling the whole structure, until you get the box in your hands:

"(Name of person), come hot to warm me,
Especially, be the man not to forget me,
That I keep with the dedication and love,
In flames I receive you beyond what you believe!"

2 - Light a red candle and a chopstick of rose incense.
3 - Take the picture of the person who wants to call you and the back of the person, write the person's name and date of birth in red ink.
4 - Then place the picture in the black box, face up (be looking at you ...).
5 - Cover the photograph with the rose petals. Take the box in your hands and say the following spell:

«Circe, Great and powerful Queen of magic,
For whom spells and the occult have no secret,
Wrap (name of the man) in your braids and bring him to me,
May his tranquility never end when he will not come,
For I want and desire him for it,
May it come to me for my pleasure,
That in no time I and him can forget,
And immediately come with me his desire.
So be it».

6 - Close the box and store it in a dark place.
7 - Go pick it up again in the following days, and do this ritual 2 more days in a row.
8 - On the day of the Full Moon, or on the third day of the ritual, light the last candle and the incense,
9 - Take the box in your hands and say the spell as in previous days.
10 - When you're done, go and bury the box by the door of your house, to attract the person you want.
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