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Negativity? Bad luck?
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Hello! I hope everyone is having an excellent day. Perhaps someone can help me with a little question I have, if you don' t mind. (BTW, I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm a beginner learning slowly on my own)
I've been wondering about certain negative things that have happened to me for a little over a couple of years now. It seems to happen, more often than not, every time I speak at work about something I am looking forward to or something I enjoy doing; and then it all becomes ruined. It may be the tiniest of things like... perhaps commenting that a plant in the backyard is blooming, and in a day or two, it will be infested or it will start withering away. Maybe everyone is talking about their plans for the weekend, and I'd say I'll go hang out with friends only to start feeling the first symptoms of a flu a few hours later.
Last summer I was in somewhat of a long distance relationship and when I asked for a few days off to see my BF, the days were coldly granted, but then the trip was canceled, he was very depressed and then the relationship gradually lost momentum and wore off. I could name a number of things being ruined like that.
I have two coworkers that do not like me much. They wanted someone else but they got me and they put up with me but they clearly don't like me. They are older than me and they have children a bit younger than me and in the past they have compared their children to me ostensibly. I have helped whenever they needed anything, but this has not been reciprocated, and lately I rather keep to myself for fear of triggering their animosity. I am the weakest member of the office, and the newest one (although I've been working there for 6 years)
I don't think any of them does spells, but I wonder if it is possible that jealousy or just bad energy from them (or... I don't know... just their dislike of me) can affect me negatively so that my plans always end up being ruined when they are known about at work? If so, is there anything I can do about it?
Lately it seems nothing works for me anymore, and I find myself very sad and with little energy all the time. Maybe it's just bad luck. Or is it?
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Re: Negativity? Bad luck?
Post # 2
I think there may be a mix of reasons many of these things are happening. Whether it is due to any effects from others is debatable, though a lot of belief comes into play.

For example, the long-term relationship seems to have done what so many do. It is not easy to maintain a relationship at distance, and many fail in a similar manner. I've been in one, and plan not to be in another for that very reason, among some others.

As for the seeming lack of success with so much, I think many people have experienced similar. Whether it is coincidence or otherwise is up to your own beliefs. Some may think that it is external circumstances reflecting internal, or possibly some other factors.

I have certainly felt that way about a lot of things through my life. The last time my life fell apart, I moved repeatedly over a nine month period, including into a basement which I learned rather quickly flooded often. All of my computers died, in part due to some of the strangest occurrences which some people had never encountered before. I lost all of my digital work through a several years period, in part at that time, including every photo from traveling while in the military, and all of the nature and landscape photos I had. It took me nearly a decade to save up for my next camera, thanks to something big needing paid every time I was even close. These times happen for a lot of people.

The most interesting aspect of your post, I think, is what you said about your coworkers. First comes the human portion, then the metaphysical.

Considering their behaviors, I will say this: It could easily be office culture deeply established by people who have been there a long time, combined with basic human nature. People like to compare, and when some folks are of an age, they start to see everyone younger as much younger. Some people like to make assumptions based on age, and groups seem to trend when they are emotionally relatable. As one saying says, people can be individually intelligent, but incredibly stupid in groups. That is, a group under the same influence can be a negative thing. It's possible that someone has an unsuccessful younger relative, and they made one comparative statement. At that point, the narrative was established.

As for being the 'weakest' person in your office after six years, is there some possibility that your coworkers' attitudes have attributed to your not being trained, taught, or shown, what you need to know or how to do better? The hesitance inspired by their condescension could be a contributing factor.

It might be time to seek a different employer. Perhaps it is time for some of your older coworkers to move on, or retire, the company to bring in some new hires, and the culture of that office to change.

Moving on to the metaphysical aspect, specifically one question you asked:
"I wonder if it is possible that jealousy or just bad energy from them can affect me negatively so that my plans always end up being ruined when they are known about at work?"
That is a great big maybe, at least from aspects directly related to this forum.

The answer is a resounding yes, that their behaviors may have a broad influence on negative aspects of your life, psychologically.

But back to metaphysically: There is a charm common in certain parts of the world, mainly the Middle East, called a Nazar. I have one myself, purchased in part to reminisce about my time in Turkey, especially since I no longer have any photographs or souvenirs from my time there. But I have digressed considerably.

Depending on culture, the exact interpretation of a Nazar varies. But it looks basically like an eye. In the area of Turkey where I was, the people called it Medusa's eye (one interpretation I have not encountered in my research after), for example, and it is meant to ward off the 'evil eye.' What is the evil eye, you ask?

I read along time ago about people accidentally cursing others. I don't take it as literally, though I think there can be some influence. Basically, negativity cast in a person's direction is believed to have some influence. The negativity is basically expressed through an angry glance or glare. Therefore, it is the evil eye. They may not wish something directly, and only be mad at whatever happened, or look down on you for some irrational reason. The evil eye.

A Nazar is basically a protection charm, meant to stop, block, or absorb influence from these sorts of things. It is not that I am suggesting one, rather referencing the concept of the 'evil eye' -- unintentionally sending bad vibes, in a sense, your way -- in a constructive manner.

An easy start would be to do some work towards daily warding. And look for improvements in your life. Mantras may help. Determination not to let the mood or energies of others affect you can go a long way. Have a nice, long cleansing bath or shower.

If your boss is not part of the backbiting at work, address it with them. If your boss is either unable or unwilling, definitely consider a change. That is not an attitude conducive to a productive workplace.

It is not easy. Change is difficult, but can be your best option. Sometimes you have to change your environment to gain the improvement you need most.
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Re: Negativity? Bad luck?
Post # 3
Thank you so very much for your awesome reply. It's made me consider a lot of things, not the least of them being my own positive or negative attitude about things in my life.
About the eye shaped item that you mention, I've seen some around, and I have always wondered about them.
My grandmother used to say if I needed good luck I needed to wear a few leaves of rue in my left shoe, and a red ribbon around my right wrist. But maybe it's also what I make of those items.
Thanks for your insightful and thoughtful answer.
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