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Opinions on website
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Hello everyone, I have just stumbled upon a website called creepy hollow, They offer a variety of services including a supply shop, you can buy spells, you can also apparently buy spirits...

I don't personally think you can just take a spirit and shove it inside a necklace or stone... I think they're too intelligent for that, another controversial thing in my opinion is that they sell spells that are in necklace's and orbs, I don't think someone can cast a spell for you and bind it to a necklace, Don't you have to do the work yourself? EX: I saw a Cleopatra spell and this was the description "

The Cleopatra Djinn has the ability to grant compelling energies of attraction and seduction.
The spell of the Cleopatra Djinn encircles you with a positive, attractive aura to enable others see, appreciate, and desire what is truly beautiful about you. These pure & virtuous energies enhance your allure to make you more seductive"

I was like: Ok, so are they going to provide a kit for evocation? No what i saw instead is a list of items the spell could be bound to, then I looked towards the corner and saw that there were 938 spells available, this witch must have alot of time on their hands.

My conclusion is that the list of bound objects was massive and nobody has time for that kind of work... I think the spells there are a sham and they're just selling you close to worthless rocks, bracelets and pendants.

Anyways, if you want to check the website out heres the link:
I'd love to hear opinions on this website

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Re: Opinions on website
Post # 2
Web sites like that bother me.

Ignoring the spirit binding aspect, there are a couple things which stand out quickly:

Membership benefits and bonus points.
They jack their prices, and make you feel like you're getting a real discount for signing up. For things like supposed spirit bindings and casting spells, these prices can easily be arbitrary in the first place. Not to mention the only way to take actual advantage of these so-called benefits is to be a perpetual customer with them.

The Customer Care statement that they'll be your cheerleader.
Basically it sounds like no matter what, they'll give feel-good advice. Not only is this not always the best answer (good customer service can still be given when the answer is not what the customer wants), but when it comes to spirits, it makes me doubt their legitimacy.

Looking through the products they offer:
They either order through the same supplier as the SoM shop, at least partly, or from a re-seller of the same. That means you can find the exact same products in their shop on other sites, and you will be able to directly compare prices. That's a start.

Not everything on their site is from the same supplier(s) ans SoM's shop, but I'm certain you can still find the exact same products elsewhere.

They claim some of their merchandise is supposedly magical in nature, when it is just as mundane as any of the others of their type -- such as tea ware.

On to their offered spells:
There is no actual guarantee that someone there is actually going to put the work into casting on a customer's behalf with any earnestness. That would be warning number One.

I'll leave the cast spells and bound spirits alone in this case. There is no way to prove they have done what they have promised, and they still get to collect for the work.
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